Hide Your Dogs!

dog fighting– So reads the headline of a Philadelphia newspaper following news of the hiring of convicted dogfighter Michael Vick by the Philadelphia Eagles.

Most humane societies and animal rights organizations were not pleased that Vick had been hired by the Eagles, feeling that the crime was horrendous and that professional athletes should be positive role models.  Other individuals felt that Vick had paid his debt to society, and deserved to be given another chance.  A local television station in my area of Pennsylvania took a poll, finding that 51% of respondents felt that Vick should have been banned from playing by the NFL, with around 30% feeling that Vick had paid for his crime and should be given another chance.  The remainder of  the respondents didn’t care one way or another…

I have re-created the poll here to see how our readers might respond!

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2 Comments on “Hide Your Dogs!”

  1. Carycomic Says:

    From the on-line article I just read, it appears that Philadelphia Eagle fans can even extend brotherly love to dog-fight promoting jocks. The people at his pre-season debut actually cheered Vick!


    • vulpesffb Says:

      Not only did Vick engage in dogfighting, but he personally killed or was responsible for the killing of many of his dogs that lost their bouts! Vick is being given a second chance, unlike the dogs he shot, drowned, electrocuted, or bashed to death against walls!


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