“Warehouse 13” Is Coming…

WarehouseWarehouse 13 debuts on the Sci Fi channel July 7th, the story of an underground government storage facility hid away in the Badlands of South Dakota that houses every conceivable kind of strange and harmful device both modern and ancient.  Featured are two secret service agents with totally different styles of investigation…

…if this is starting to sound oddly familiar, it probably should be if you’ve ever seen an episode of The X-Files, watched an Indiana Jones movie, or are familiar with the Friday the 13th: The Series show.  One commentator I read described the series by saying, “Think X-Files only not as well written.”

Still, geeks like me will probably tune in; we live for this kinda stuff!  (–Oh God, I need a life!) That being said, I’ve heard the cautionary statement, though, not to let the pilot episode dissuade you from watching successive installments…

…but pounding my head on the table, I can only cry of how much I miss Fox Mulder!

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2 Comments on ““Warehouse 13” Is Coming…”

  1. Carycomic Says:

    I’ll probably watch the pilot/premier out of curiosity. But, I have to admit. It does indeed sound like an X-FILES/EUREKA hybrid.


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