Curse of the Monkey Man!

monkeyman– – Heh, you gotta love MonsterQuest for its theatrical episode titles, and this one sounds like a B-movie out of the 50’s!  Anyhow, the Monkster is described as up to 8′ tall but nimble; he’d be a great b-ball player.  Monkey Man also has black hair, a gorilla-like face, and makes strange sounds.  It’s a complete package.

Indigenous to India, accounts of Monkey Man date back to 77 B.C., when he was described by Pliny.  Supposed attacks of the creature reached a high in May 2001 in Delhi, with victims beaten and clawed by a powerful assailant; three people died while fleeing the creature, and dozens were hospitalized.  The most recent attacks are attributed to Meghalaya, where 14-1/2″ footprints and broken branches were found.  Natives in this part of India call the creature “the forest man.”  Blood samples were taken from the walls of a dwelling where an encounter occurred, and hair samples were also found elsewhere.

And what, you may ask, did MonsterQuest find?–Interestingly enough, the bites that were found on supposed victims were of a different nature than those inflicted by a monkey or another animal.  Hairs that were found and subjected to microscopic analysis were found to be similar to those of the red panda;  blood samples were human.  Police investigations in Delhi were negative, and experts suggest a mass hysteria/psychosis phenomenon.

A Hindu deity also has simian features, but he is noted to be a benign type, not really into the biting, scratching, and clawing thing…

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2 Comments on “Curse of the Monkey Man!”

  1. Carycomic Says:

    As some of the eyewitnesses were women, I wonder if more than one Monkeyman could have been involved? Each one possibly looking for a mate?

    Just spit-balling!


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