Jellyfish Crop Circle!

jellyfish crop circle– – Crop circles have long appeared in a variety of designs, mostly geometric.  A recent one to appear in England is most unusual in that it has the shape of a jellyfish, and is the only known jellyfish crop circle to have been seen in the world...

…this crop circle is additionally unusual for being three times as large as the “average” crop circle; a real monster!

…Perhaps E.T. is an invertebrate?–Is this part of the “Killer Jellyfish Invasion” which was the subject of one MonsterQuest episode?!

The truth is out there… (Theme from The X-Files plays)

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2 Comments on “Jellyfish Crop Circle!”

  1. Carycomic Says:

    Maybe it’s a landing strip for Rutans?*

    *Sentient bio-electrical jellyfish from outer space, mentioned in the original DR. WHO series (1963-89).


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