The Agony of Da Feet…

 – – This one’s a real stumper:  British Columbia has been plagued by, err, dismembered human feet washing ashore, most of them still clad in footwear including boots and running shoes!–No, they were not Bigfeet!  At least nine feet have been discovered in British Columbia since 2007,  all except the most recent found in saltwater.  The hokey-pokey seems to have gone terribly wrong…

Medical examiners believe that the feet separated from dead bodies due to natural causes, with explanations ranging from displaced “body farm” subjects to tsunami victims to pranks…but something strange sounds afoot, and someone should give those investigators a hand…ahahahahaha!

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3 Comments on “The Agony of Da Feet…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Maybe Caddie has developed a foot-fetish.


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