“Bigfoot” Hair and Oil Samples to Undergo DNA Testing…

  – –  Samples of hair hoped or thought to be from a Bigfoot have yielded disappointing results in the past few years when subjected to scientific analysis; some have been found to be from a bison, others from a humble opossum.  Here we go again with hair and oil samples left on a pickup truck in California’s Sierra National Forest over Memorial Day!   Dirt and oil impressions left on the passenger side window may be from a Bigfoot, or they may be bear slobber and snot; a twelve-inch footprint was also found at the site.  An even larger creature left impressions on the driver’s side window which included prints of a nose, eyes, and lips…the lips measuring about six inches long.

Friends of the pickup truck’s owner who have observed the evidence include a former science teacher and a correctional officer.   They doubt that a bear was responsible for the intrusion as none of four ice chests filled with food in the back of the truck had been touched.  DNA samples collected by a forensic expert may eventually shed light on the identity of the unknown intruder, although if the sample comes back having tested as near human or primate, it could match both Bigfoot and a homeless person…

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2 Comments on ““Bigfoot” Hair and Oil Samples to Undergo DNA Testing…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Vicki Lawrence as Maria Ouspenskaya, during a spoof of the old Universal monster movies, on the classic CAROL BURNETT SHOW.

    “I have one son who’s a werewolf, and another son who’s the lead singer in a rock n’ roll band. And, when the moon is full, you couldn’t tell the two of them apart. Go raise children!”


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