ET in an Ice Meteorite?

– – I could die happy if extraterrestrial life or a major cryptid would be found within my lifetime, but disappointment constantly haunts these dreams.

–Well, here’s another straw to clutch at:  a guy in Michigan claims to possess an ice meteorite rich in extraterrestrial organisms that conveniently plopped down on the road near his home in South Haven, Michigan in March of 2000.

Since it hadn’t snowed for weeks, the guy deduced that the ice must have been from an ice meteorite.  He gathered up the ice, stashed it in his freezer, and spent the following ten years trying to convince scientists to analyze the frozen mass.  Their collective interest was underwhelming, and the true believer in September put out his own bucks to have chemical analyses performed by two commercial labs.  The labs found that the samples contained particles with unique molecular structures, which their finder regards to be alien life forms.

A news conference will be held November 30th at a Ramada Inn in South Haven regarding the supposed find with coverage from media outlets, mostly hailing from outside of this country.   The discoverer admits that more rigorous analysis is needed to see if the meteorite is a meteor-wrong..

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3 Comments on “ET in an Ice Meteorite?”

  1. carycomic Says:

    It is now 4:32 PM/EST, on 11/30/10. So, what was the general consensus of the news media present? Pro or con?


    • vulpesffb Says:

      I couldn’t find references at this point as to the outcome of the news conference; NASA, however, has announced that it will hold a special news conference Thursday “to discuss an astrobiology finding that will impact the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life;” this may well be unrelated.


      • vulpesffb Says:

        The odds are that this “meteorite” is likely of terrestrial origin, namely from one of the thousands of aircraft that journey through the sky every day.

        It would take very unusual circumstances for a chunk of ice to survive a plunge through earth’s atmosphere, which would likely heat it up sufficiently to cause its disintegration.


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