Unidentified Flying Humanoids!

UnidentifiedLook!–Up in the sky!–Is it a bird?–Is it a plane?–Is Sarah Palin killing wolves from aircraft?–No, it’s an unidentified flying humanoid, and they’ve been reported since the days of the early indigenous people of Mexico thousands of years ago.  Ancient petroglyphs from Mexico indicate having seen an aerial presence, although the stylized nature of the petroglyphs makes identification difficult.   Today, witnesses in North America tell of human-like creatures that float or hover in the skies and at times descend to attack; one cop shared such an attack experience.

MonsterQuest examined a shaky, poor resolution video taken in June 2005 of something seen over Mexico City; a law enforcement video analyst found that the video hadn’t been faked, and couldn’t be explained.  A 2004 video taken in Santa Monica, California suggested a flying humanoid about 7 feet in height and 3 to 4 feet wide.  It was described as being bulky and slate gray in color.  Speculations were that some sightings could be misidentified balloon clusters, although balloons  tend to sway or bob.  Eerily, witnesses described a feeling that the flying humanoids seemed aware of their presence!  A justifiable criticism of the episode is that MonsterQuest completely ignored the most likely explanation for the “flying humanoids;” namely, that they were indeed humans wearing  jet packs, an existing technology that has been around now for decades.–Remember the old black-and-white Rocketman serials?!

Humanoid corpseMore intriguing was the corpse of a immature creature (left) captured in 2007 and now mummified, but reported to have been alive and aggressive when captured; the connection was that perhaps this was an infantile form of a flying humanoid, some kind of previously-unknown species. Described as appearing between a rat and a monkey, this small corpse was at first thought to have been that of a skinned monkey, although it was later found to have rudimentary skin, fangs, and semi-human features including a double arch which is thought to have given the creature the capacity to stand.  Large eye orbits in the remains suggest that the beast had good vision.  A piece of the creature’s tail was taken for DNA analysis, and it was found to contain no identifiable material! In other words, they’re not sure what it is!   The creature appeared primate-like in appearance.

This Terror from the Sky episode was at least an improvement over the rather dreary and mundane wild dogs or rats episodes that MonsterQuest has aired in recent times…

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3 Comments on “Unidentified Flying Humanoids!”

  1. Carycomic Says:

    While this episode certainly put more credence into similar sightings (can you say, “Mothman?”), I’m a little dubious about that mummified baby.

    It could just as easily have the skeleton of a tarsier of Southeast Asia that escaped from a private zoo. Or, someone’s runaway pet marmoset. Because, for Deloy’s Ape, out there, there’s also a Barnum’s Feejee Mermaid.


    • vulpesffb Says:

      I read one comment that the mummified creature was an actual “Fraggle;” remember the old Jim Henson production, “Fraggle Rock?”

      Anyways, I sure hope that these Unidentified Flying Humanoids don’t defecate as they pass over; the seagulls are bad enough!


      • Carycomic Says:

        LOL! Reminds me of an old Benny Hill poem about a kid who raised an orphan pigeon. The punchline following the pigeon’s release made fall off my chair!!

        “He flew off then, up real high.
        And, then he swooped….
        And, then he pooped RIGHT IN MY EYE!”

        “I thought ‘That’s bloody rude.’
        I thought ‘Cor! There’s gratitude.’
        I hope they never cross a pigeon with a cow!”

        “My dad said, ‘There’s a funny caper.
        I’ll go get a bit of paper.’
        I said: ‘Don’t be daft! He’s miles away by now!”


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