Why Dinosaurs?

– -So why the fascination with dinosaurs, and why do so many people…little boys and guys, especially…love them?–Well, dinosaurs didn’t take orders, did what they wanted to, and were best known for their larger specimens.  They appeal instinctually to the male Id, that primitive part in all of us.  Dinosaurs didn’t go out quietly, and didn’t die in nursing homes.  They were forever untamed, and were really an outgrowth of the natural world.–Primitive and good at it!

There’s also something cool to a kid about knowing of something adults don’t, and don’t even care about.  Dinosaurs are forever part of the internal kid landscape, and we hope for them to come back!

It’s fun to speculate about what life forms will survive beyond humans…roaches can!

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One Comment on “Why Dinosaurs?”

  1. ughsome Says:

    um. perhaps. i’m definitely adult and definitely female and i’m CRAZY about them!


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